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Early Settlers' Homes and Bush Huts in Australia
This is a very useful webpage, originally made by students at the Australian National University, which has lots of information about colonial homes. It includes some great photographs and sketches of early Australian huts and houses.  

Colonisation @
This is an excellent resource. The Colonisation section of this web site has a great deal of information on the early years, exploration, convicts, gold and bushrangers. Visit Australian Use the tabs at the top of the page - the links in the drop down arrows do not work!

Australia in the 1820s
Learn about the types of housing used by people in colonial times. Some interesting materials were used. Find out how cow dung was used as a building material! Use the side menu to find out about entertainment and tickets-of-leave.

Colonial Timelines
Find out about life on the land in colonial Australia. This Australian government website has detailed information but the text is more difficult. You can find a timeline of voting history from 1788-1901 at The Australian Electoral Commision. Try the Aussie Colonial timeline quiz.


A Day in the Life of a 
Read about the daily life of convicts at the Hyde Park Barrack in Sydney. There is a lot of interesting information here, including photographs of artefacts from colonial days as well as re-enactments. 

Convict Sydney
Visit A Convict History and go back in time to colonial Sydney. This interactive site takes you on a journey to meet the First Australians, the First Fleet, convicts, and life inside Hyde Park convict barracks. 


There is heaps of information at The Bushranger Site, a discovery site for kids. Learn more about the bushrangers who roamed New South Wales in the 1800s at this Australian government site.  

The Most Famous Bushranger
Watch a Behind the News story about Victorian archaeologists looking for clues about Ned Kelly's last stand. Get the facts about Ned at this Australian Government site. 

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