Incy Wincy Spider

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Lots of names
There are lots of different names for this rhyme. Incy Wincy Spider …. Eensy Weensy Spider … Itsy Bitsy Spider
What do you say?


Incy Wincy Spider Videos
Watch this video of Incy Wincy Spider, sung by children.
Sing along with Liz Kitchen in this Incy Wincy video.
Read and sing Eensy Weensy Spider. 
Which one do you like best?

Count the Spiders
Click on the squares to count the spiders that crawl down their webs.

Spider Art
This page has lots of art and craft ideas. Click on a spider to find out how to make it.

"I don’t like spiders and snakes."
Beau the cheetah cub is scared of spiders and bugs in this funny cartoon. Watch the Mama Mirabelle video

Spider Webs
Click on the small photos to see bigger pictures of real spider webs.
Use the arrow keys to move the spider in his web and catch some bees in this Spider web game.

Australian Spiders
Look at  some drawings of Australian spiders.

Spider Facts
There is a lot of information about spiders on this web site. Find out why spiders don’t stick to their webs and lots more.

For Teachers
Great interactive whiteboard activities and a lesson pack to download – find the hidden flies, sequencing pictures etc. at this Welsh gov't site.  Words to spider songs and rhymes at Preschool Express.
Itsy Bitsy Spider printables at Kizclub - rhyme words, minibook and an ‘out’ family words spider-slider. Several other nursery rhyme resources here too.

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