Pennies for Hitler

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About the Book
Pennies for Hitler tells the history of Georg (pronounced gai-org), a young German boy who is forced to flee from his home and country when his life is in danger. This book was nominated for the prestigious Children's Book Council of Australia Younger Readers Book of the Year. Click Read a Sample at Harper Collins to read the first chapter online.

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Meet the Author
Jackie French is one of Australia's best known and well loved children's authors. Read 10 fun facts about this wombat-loving author. Read about her role as Australian Children’s Laureate. Check out a Treks page highlighting one of Jackie’s award winning books: A Day to Remember

Book Trailer
Watch this book trailer on YouTube to learn more about Pennies for Hitler. Your teacher may need to play this clip for you as YouTube is blocked for students in many schools.

Finding Germany, France and England
On Maps of World, see where Germany is located in the world. Then look at a map of Europe to find Germany, France and England (England is a part of Great Britain). 

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Secondary Sources: Life for British people in WWII
Georg lived in London during the bombing in the early part of the war. Find out about wartime Britain at this web site for kids. Learn about the military, what people wore, and what life was liked for children at the Imperial War Museum web site. There is more detailed information for kids at the British National Archives and Homework Help.

A Primary source: Ron, an English boy in WWII
Ron was eight years old when World War Two began. As an adult living in Australia many years later, Ron remembers being evacuated to the country, watching dog fights (planes), and the day a piece of a bomb cut through his shirt on the way home from school. Read Ron's Story.

A Primary source: Maria, a German girl in WWII
Maria was four years old when World War Two began. Maria lived in Wurzburg, a beautiful, old medival city on the Rhine River. She tells the story of the night that ninety percent of her city was destroyed, March 16 1945. Listen to Maria's story.

A Primary source: Meet Merle, an Australian girl in WWII
Merle was only a toddler when the Second World War began. She remembers blackouts, rationing, air raid shelters at school and at home, and the American tanks driving through town on their way to the air base. Read Merle's story.

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Resources for Teachers
Teacher’s notes for Pennies for Hitler  written by Robyn Sheahan-Bright 


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