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I think stories have an important role to play. They help young people to start to think about the big issues.      Morris Gleitzman (from An Interview with Morris Gleitzman, Just Imagine Story Centre)


About the Book
After is the fourth book in a series about a young Jewish boy called Felix. Felix lived in Poland during World War Two, a time when the Nazis were trying to eliminate the Jewish people. These novels tell the story of Felix's search for his parents - a story of love, friendship and courage in terrible times.

Meet the Author
Morris Gleitzman is one of Australia's most popular children's authors. Born in England, Morris moved to Australia as a teenager. Read his own funny account of his life. Check out this list of awards for his novels. Spend an afternoon with Morris and his dog, Maggie, in this ABC Creature Features video.

An Interview with Morris Gleitzmanatch
Watch this video as Morris chats about his writing and why he chooses to have his characters face big problems. Find out what qualities he gave Felix to help him deal with a terrible situation and what he thinks about receiving awards for his books.

Morris Gleitzman's Online Bookshelf
Visit Morris Gleitzman's online bookshelf and select one of his novels. You can choose to read the first chapter of any book or listen to Morris Read it to you. Read the first chapter of After online. Visit the bookshelf.

Where in the world is Poland?
Learn about Poland at National Geographic for Kids. Read about the people, land, history and culure of Poland. Look at photographs, a video and a world map showing the location of this country. Read about a kid's life in Poland. Did you know there are bears and wolves in Poland's forests?

The Polish Resistance
In this novel, Felix joins the partisans hiding in the forest and fighting against the German army. You can see actual photographs of Jewish partisans in the forests of Poland in World War II at the University of South Florida website.

Holocaust Facts
After is set in the years of the Holocaust in Poland. You can read information about the Holocaust, including the definitions of key words at The Children of the Holocaust. This website teaches the importance of being tolerant of other people's differences.


For Teachers

Teacher notes (for Once) written by Andrea Blake - includes important information re teaching and learning about The Holocaust. 
What was the Holocaust? at CBBC - teacher preview recommended


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