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Australian Geography 

for middle/upper primary

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Chinese New Year      2018 - Year of the Dog

Years 3 - 7

(some resources suited to all year levels)

Australia Day January 26

Years 4 - 7

Geography for the Juniors - Positional Words

Prep - Year 2

Christmas in Australia 

for middle/upper primary

Christmas in Australia 

for the juniors

Ancient China

Upper primary

Australian History - Vietnamese Immigration

Year 6

A Day to Remember - The Story of Anzac Day
               a book by Jackie French and Mark Wilson

Years 3-7

Monster Trucks

Lower- Middle Primary

Ipswich and Famous Ipswichians

Middle primary- lower secondary

Conjunction Trek 

Early - middle primary

Let me persuade you … 

that e-books are better than paper books

Years 3-7

Sustainable Energy 

Year 6


Year 6

Greek Myths

Years 6 and 7

colonial australia

Colonial Australia

Years 5 and 6

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