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Vietnamese Australians
Detailed information about Vietnamese history, immigration to Australia and a list of prominent Australians of Vietnamese Ancestry in this fact sheet. Very good information but a little difficult to read in parts, so this could be a great shared reading text.

Vietnamese Immigration Timeline

Visit the ABC to look at a timeline showing Vietnamese migration to Australia, from pre-1975, when only 700 Vietnamese people lived in Australia, to information from the 2011 Census.

What is a refugee?
This information sheet from Museum Victoria explains some important terms, including: refugee, asylum seeker, and illegal immigrant. Find out the Top 10 birth places of Australians (2001 Census). See a photograph of Vietnamese 'boat people' from 1982.

Vietnamese Asylum Seekers 
Retrace the 1978 voyage of 38 Vietnamese refugees who travelled to Australia on a fishing boat. Your task is to collect items from each stage of the 51 day journey to display as a museum exhibit. Your aim is to help people to understand the asylum seekers’ experience. Visit the National Museum to retrace the The Journey of the Hong Hai.

Tony's Story - Refugee, Actor, Writer, Director
This is the story of a boy's journey from Vietnam, where his mother ran a shop and his father was a teacher, to his arrival in Melbourne at the age of ten. Can you imagine being shipwrecked, shot at by the police and robbed by masked men? Read Tony's story.

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Helen's Story - Vietnamese Refugees & their Children

Helen's family left Vietnam after the war. She explains that she felt she had to work hard at school and how she helped to translate things for her family. This short film clip has some great family photographs and video of Vietnamese refugees from the 1970s.

The Long Journey
In this interactive ABC documentary, seven refugee children and five Australian children share their experiences and thoughts. Learn about the conflict in their homeland, their journeys, and life in a detention centre. Click around the map and children will appear. Select a child, then click on a memory stone to see a short video clip.

Want to know more about Vietnam?
The National Geographic for Kids website has some great information about Vietnam, including a video, photos and a map. Why not check out Time for Kids? On this excellent site you'll find a detailed history timeline and 'a day in the life' of an 11 year old boy. 

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A Young 21st Century Refugee from Afghanistan

Meet Bashir in this Behind the News Story. Bashir was 14 years old when he fled from Afghanistan and is one of the 'boat people' you hear about on the news. 

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The Little Refugee
This picture book by comedian Anh Do and Suzanne Do tells the story of Anh's journey from Vietnam as a refugee. Watch this video clip of Anh telling of the journey to Australia in a rickety fishing boat. Anh and Suzanne donated all money from the sales of the book to a charity that helps very poor and disabled children in Vietnam. Read an interview with illustrator, Bruce Whatley

Look for this award winning book in your library.

Download this Treksntrails Thinkers' Keys grid for The Little Refugee.

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