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Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it… Chapter 20, Black Beauty 1877

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Meet the Author 
Anna Sewell was born in England in 1820. She grew up in a time when horses were often treated cruelly and it was her determination to change this that lead to writing Black Beauty. Anna's died just months after her only book was published. Read a short biography at Puffin. Read a detailed biography at Weeweb. 

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About the Story
Black Beauty was the first book ever written as an autobiography of an animal. It has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and is considered to be a children's classic. Read about the story here. Read Black Beauty online. 

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Bearing Reins

Black Beauty became popular and it changed the way some horses were treated. Cruel bearing reins were no longer in fashion. At Anna's funeral, her mother asked the carriage drivers to remove the bearing reins from the horses. Watch three short Black Beauty clips about bearing reins and other types of cruelty.

Horses and People
Horses have helped people in many ways for thousands of years. We have used horses to transport us, fight our battles, help us explore the world, pull heavy loads and to be our friends. Watch this three minute video from National Geographic for Kids and learn more about these beautiful animals.  

Caring for Animals
Anna Sewell was an animal activist when many people didn't think about the feelings or welfare of animals. Today many groups of people work to protect animals, including the RSPCA. Find out about the World of Animal Welfare for kids on the RSPCA web site. Lots of interesting things to read, make and play.

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