Christmas in Australia for the juniors

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Christmas means summer time!
Many Australians like to swim at the beach, in pools or rivers. Go to the Royal Australian Lifesaving Story Machine. Take Jen and Jack on a swimming adventure. Decide where to go and what to take.

Sun Safe Dorothy
It is very hot in Australia at Christmas time and children need to be sun safe. Help Dorothy the dinosaur to play a sun safe game. Help Dorothy decide what to take to the beach.

Aussie Animal Wreaths
Go to DLTK Craft for kids website and find out how to make this decoration. Make a koala, kangaroo or platypus Christmas wreath. You can print an animal for your wreath.

Barnaby Bear Goes Down Under
This isn't a Christmas story but you will learn about some famous Australian places. Join Barnaby Bear on his trip to Australia at BBC Schools.

Christmas Holidays!

Children in Australia have six weeks holiday at Christmas time. Here are some Christmas games to play on the holidays. You can colour Santa online. Decorate the Christmas tree

Christmas Beetles
Christmas beetles buzz around lights at night time in Australia. Read some Christmas beetle facts. See some more photos here.

Online Christmas stories (from around the world
** Meet Raymond the reindeer in the Reindeer Barn at the Northpole. Try to find the hidden places in the barn that lead you to stories about Raymond and his friends.
**Watch this 
e-story about a little girl who helps Santa to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. 
**Learn about the ow sound as you read 
Ten Little Snowmen and follow instructions to make a snowman. Then sing the song.

                                                    You can print these Aussie Christmas Bookmarks.

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Visit Aussie Christmas Treksntrails for older children.

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