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What does Federation mean?
Visit Kid Cyber to learn about Federation. Click on the play button to watch a video (2min 39s) explaining Federation. There is more detailed information (and more difficult to read) at australia.gov.au.

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Why did the colonies join together?
Read about the
reasons for Federation at the Parliamentary Education Office and at the National Archives. This website has lists of arguments for and against Federation.  

Federation Timelines
Check out the order of some key events during the time of Federation. Visit a slightly different timeline of events at the Parliamentary Education Office or this version at the National Library of Australia.

Important People  
Visit the National Library of Australia to read about some of the leading people involved in Federation. Learn more about the people and the lead up to Federation in this Behind the News video of kids (5 mins).

Signatures of Oz
This interactive website will help you to learn about some interesting objects from early Australian Parliament. Select the link to Signatures of Oz.

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