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Indigenous History
Aboriginal people lived in this area for tens of thousands of years before European settlement. Read a newspaper article about 2000 year old artefacts found in Ipswich. More detailed, but difficult to read information, can be found on the Ipswich City Council website.

A Rich History
"It is therefore highly probable that upon the site of these Limestone Hills a town will one day be raised." explorer Alan Cunningham 1828
Read more from history section of The Ipswich City Council website.

Explorers in Ipswich
Look at this map and read about explorers in this region from 1824 to 1827. It took convicts 11 hours to row from Limestone Station (Ipswich) to Brisbane in the 1820's … read more in this interesting document.

Did you know?
Did you know the Ipswich Gas Works opened in 1887? You can still see the frame near Riverlink Shopping Centre at North Ipswich. Read some more historic ‘Did you knows’. This is part of a great online magazine. Check out this Ipswich Firsts timeline.

Picture Ipswich
Learn about Ipswich history by browsing through this collection of over 7000 images at Picture Ipswich. More photographs and information about Ipswich history at This University of Queensland website.

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Ipswich Emblems
The city's Crest and Arms was created in 1861. Bougainvillea was Ipswich's original floral emblem but this was changed to the native tree, Plunkett Mallee. The faunal emblem is the Brushtailed Rock Wallaby.

Ipswich in October and November always means beautiful Jacaranda trees in bloom. View these Jacaranda photos. Read about the Goodna Jacaranda Festival. The Jacaranda Butter Factory closed in 2010.

Ipswich Today
Check out the city at Discover Ipswich photo gallery. Then use the side menu to explore Ipswich in 2013: attractions, tours, parks, festivals and more. Find the current weather conditions at Weatherzone.

Ipswich Tourist Attractions
The Workshops Rail Museum is a popular attraction. Car enthusiasts flock to Willowbank Raceway all year. Queen's Park was the first park surveyed in Queensland and River Heart Parklands one of the newest!


RAAF Base Amberley
Residents often see defence aircraft in the skies over Ipswich as RAAF Base Amberley is located on the city outskirts. In 2011, 20 hornets flew into Ipswich. Try a crossword to fly a C-17 on a mission.

Ipswich Statistics and Facts
Find out how many people live in Ipswich now and the predicted population for 2031. Read a newspaper article about Ipswich statistics released in 2013. Did you know Ipswich's population increases by about 320 people every month?

Ipswich Council
Meet the Mayor, Paul Pisasale. Watch an interview with Mayor Pisasale after the 2013 floods. The Ipswich City Council website has lots of information about the council and living in Ipswich.

Ipswich Library
Ipswich library offers great services to the public. Borrow e-books from the Ipswich Library to read on your iphone, ipad or other device – and you don’t even have to leave home - find out how.  

StoryArts Festival (SAFI) 2013
Check out the Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network's StoryArts Festival Ipswich. Paid for by the Network, SAFI gives Ipswich schools the opportunity to attend free sessions with some of Australia's best known children's authors and illustrators. Coming in September...

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Shane Watson - Cricketer
International cricketer, Shane Watson, was born and grew up in Ipswich.   Read this article about Shane's visit to Ipswich after the 2011 floods. Check out his cricketing statistics. Shane was awarded the Key to the City of Ipswich in 2011.

Melissa Bulow - Cricketer
International cricketer, Melissa Bulow, has played for Australia since 2003. Read about some of her achievements at Cricket AustraliaCheck out her cricketing statistics.

Allan 'Alfie' Langer - Footballer
You can read about Ipswich boy and International rugby league legend, Allan Langer, in the Sports Hall of Fame. Read a blurb about the book written about Alfie Langer.

Neville Bonner - First Indigenous Senator 

Neville Bonner was born in 1922 on Ukerebagh Island and spent much of his adult life in Ipswich, where he died in 1999. Read some facts and a biography about the humble man who became Australian of the Year.

Joy Chambers - Actor, Author
Award winning actress and author, Joy Chambers, was born and raised in Ipswich. Read a short biography. Joy is Patron of the Ipswich Poetry Feast and an honorary Ipswich ambassador. She now lives in Bermuda.

J.J.C. Bradfield - 'Father of the Sydney Harbour Bridge'
John Job Crew Bradfield was born at Sandgate and attended primary and high schools in Ipswich. Read a biography with great photographs or a detailed biography here.

Mavis Parkinson - An Ipswich Hero
Mavis Parkinson was born in Ipswich in 1916. She attended local schools before becoming a missionary and going to New Guinea to teach kindergarten. Mavis was killed by invading Japanese soldiers in 1942.

Bill Hayden - Former Governor General
Born in Ipswich in 1933, Bill Hayden grew up to become Leader of the Federal Opposition and later, Governor General from 1989 to 1996. Find out about the role of Governor General.

Rachel Nolan - Youngest Female Member of Parliament 
Rachel Nolan was born and grew up in Ipswich. At the age of 26, Rachel became the youngest female Member of Queensland Parliament. She became Minister for Transport in 2009.

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Harold Blair - Indigenous Tenor and Activist
Harold Blair was a world famous opera singer, a teacher and an activist. Listen to Harold sing on YouTube. Read about Harold's life and what he had to say about Ipswich

Sir Llew Edwards
Sir Llew is "an outstanding Queenslander" who was Deputy Premier for several years. See photographs of the Sir Llew Edwards Building at the University of Queensland, St Lucia. Read his biography.

Ashleigh Barty
Born in Ipswich in 1996, Ashleigh Barty is a very talented young tennis player. Ashleigh is a junior Australian Champion and a Junior Wimbledon Champion. Read a recent Sydney Morning Herald article.

d'Arcy Doyle

Born in Ipswich in 1932, d'Arcy Doyle grew up to be one of Australia's best known artists. See some of his paintings hereIn central Ipswich, d'Arcy Doyle Place is named in his honour.

Thomas Shapcott
Thomas Shapcott is a multi award winning poet and writer. Read some of his memories of growing up in Ipswich (1MB pdf) and a few of his poems in the Ipswich Library's Oral Histories.

Faces of Ipswich
Photo-journalist Rob WIlliams has photographed some of Ipswich's most well known residents, some of whom are listed above. View this collection of photographs at The Queensland Times website.

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This page is under construction because there are many, many famous Ipswichians...

 Try the printable Ipswich Puzzles and Famous Ipswichians Research.

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