About the Book

Pinquo is the story of an injured fairy penguin nursed back to health by two children in a seaside town. Later Pinquo returns to save the people who have shown him such kindness. See the cover and read the blurb

Meet the Author
Colin Thiele (pronounced tee lee) has written over a hundred books for children. Some of his most famous novels, including Storm Boy, have been made into movies and television series. Read Colin Thiele's biography at Thiele Primary School website. Read Thiele's poem, Bird in the Classroom - great figurative language! Watch a short clip from the movie, Storm Boy.

Little Penguin Facts
Learn more about Fairy Penguins, or Little Penguins as they are now known, at the ABC website. Did you know Little Penguins are the smallest penguins in the world?

Little Penguins at Taronga Zoo

You can find out more about Little Penguins at the Taronga Zoo website. Did you know the Taronga Wildlife Hospital rescues and treats about 35 little penguins every year?

Little Penguins in Tasmania 

Thousands of Little Penguins live on the small islands off shore of Tasmania. At this site you can read a lot of information and also listen to a noisy penguin colony.

Penguins on Video 

You can watch a short video of Phillip Island Nature Park and see people on a tour to see penguins in the wild. There are also lots of short videos of Little Penguins doing normal penguin things!


Penguin Dogs!

Have you ever heard of Maremmas? In some parts of Australia, these special dogs have beentrained to protect Little Penguins from foxes. Watch this fascinating Behind the News story.


King Penguins in Melbourne

In the centre of Melbourne live several Antarctic King Penguins as a breeding program. Meet Barney, a King Penguin who like to bite people's knees, in this Behind the News story.


How to Draw a Penguin
Learn how to draw a penguin. Watch the video or scroll down the page to see the easy steps to draw a penguin. 


Penguins on Ice
Help the penguins get to the Ice Gala. Choose one of three word games to play at BBC Starship: Make a sentence. Which mark? or Make it interesting. 


Save the Egg!
During winter in the Arctic, Emperor Penguin mothers go to sea to get food for their babies. Help the fathers to protect the eggs and keep them warm enough to hatch in this fun game.  

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