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"Daydreaming is good for everybody. It's good for children to gaze into space, to watch clouds drift past, it's good for them to think and daydream." Emily Rodda 
                                                                           (from an interview with Kate Forsyth 2013)


About the Story
Rowan of Rin is a very popular book that won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award for Younger Readers in 1994. Rowan is a shy boy whose job is to care for the woolly bukshah. He is scared when he learns he must go on a dangerous quest to save his village. 

Meet the Author
Read Emily Rodda's official biography on her web site. Spend an afternoon with Emily Rodda and watch her dog Sunny perform tricks on the ABC's Creature Features Celebrity Pets.

The Rowan of Rin Series 
Read an interview with Emily Rodda in which she talks about the
Rowan of Rin series of books.

Rowan must solve a riddle to save his village. Check out this page full of jokes and riddles at Enchanted Learning. More riddles for kids here - scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers. Try these longer riddles.

Emily Rodda Talks

Watch this 4 minute video of Emily Rodda from Writers Talk 2008. Emily talks about why she became a writer, what inspires her to write stories and why she uses a pen name. 

For after you've read the book
Try your hand at this Rowan of Rin quiz


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