The Children of the King

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About the Book
This novel tells the story of three children who are evacuated to the English countryside in World War II where they find two boys hiding in castle ruins. This book won the prestigious Children's Book Council of Australia Younger Readers Book of the Year award 2013


Meet the Author
Sonya Hartnett is an award winning Australian author, whose first book was published when she was only fifteen.You can read interviews with Sonya Hartnett about her life and about this novel on her website.

A Primary source: Ron, an English boy in WWII

Ron was eight years old when World War Two began. As an adult living in Australia many years later, Ron remembers being evacuated to the country, watching dog fights (planes), and the day a piece of a bomb cut through his shirt on the way home from school. Read Ron's Story.

Secondary Sources: Life for British people in WWII
The children lived in London during the bombing in the early part of the war. Find out about wartime Britain at this web site for kids. Learn about the military, what people wore, and what life was liked for children at the Imperial War Museum web site. There is more detailed information for kids at the British National Archives.


King Richard III and the Little Princes in the Tower
Another piece of history woven into this novel takes place in the 1400s. Learn more about King Richard III at BBC History. There are different ideas about what happened to young Prince Richard and his brother Edward in the 15th century. Were they murdered by their uncle, King Richard III, in the Tower of London? Read an article about the mystery of the the young princes.


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